Hacked (Warriors Of Light 5) by April Zyon


Once again, Knotty Sandie is late to the party. I seem to have a rather dreadful habit of picking up a series somewhere in the middle. That’s good and bad. Bad, because sometimes I don’t quite understand the gist of things, or some characters, but good, because I get all of the other books to play catch up on.

I figured things out pretty well in this book as April does a great job explaining the back story for the reader so that they understand what’s going on. I got hooked on this pretty fast, (psst, and I didn’t even know the main male character was Dominant.) Talk about a cherry on top!

So our main gal in the story is Holly, who happens to be a hacker. Her and her computers are cozy together, and boy, does she like to talk. She stumbles across some files, and when she reads them, she thinks it’s all from an author. With names like Mercury, and Gaius and talk of Warriors of Light, she becomes fascinated and even makes a web site. She also catches the attention of the Guardians.

Imagine Holly’s surprise when she has visitors, and one of them is Desmaratus. Things go from intense to interesting when the two of them are fated to be together. There were some funny moments in the book, and I frankly don’t know how he didn’t ball gag her a good chunk of the time. I’m definitely reading the rest. I just loved this!

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review

5 Astral Orgasms


Evernight/Amazon/Amazon Uk/BookStrand



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