Game On!


What it’s about:

Friends Phoenix Morgan and Mitch Ames spent a year trying to identify their online gaming nemesis, Athena. Their patience and persistence finally pay off, but when fate hands them the opportunity of a lifetime, it comes at a high price. When their efforts to make Athena’s fantasy come true endanger the life of close family friend, the complications are just beginning.

Aspen Meadows always regretted being denied the chance to explore what she felt was a mutual attraction with Mitch Ames, but circumstances kept them apart. That same twist of fate also cost Aspen her career as an Air Force Pilot—but as it always does, fate had a plan.
When Aspen joined the Department of Homeland Security, her first assignment was a high level security clearance for Phoenix Morgan. Playing his on-line games seems a natural step in her investigation, but what she eventually uncovers surprises everyone. Can Phoenix and Mitch keep Aspen safe when she becomes caught in the crossfire?

The fourth book in Avery Gale’s Morgan Brothers of Montana series highlights the strength of family…whether it’s the one you were born into or one you’ve been lucky enough to find.


And we’re on to the fourth Morgan brother, Pheonix, and his friend Mitch. Mitch was also in the Prairie Winds series as was our heroine Aspen Andrews. For those of you who want to make a mad dash back to your e-readers and check this out, it’s in Cameron Barnes Book, Accidental Trifecta. I’ll sit and wait if you want to go check…..(whistles)

As you may know, Pheonix has been trying to hunt down his mysterious Athena for the past year, his online war goddess, as has Mitch. Mitch hasn’t realized that it’s been the woman he’s been pining for all along, Captain Aspen Andrews. (you know, petite, brilliant, can’t cook,  ect.)

They end up together of course at Mountain Mastery, club where the Ledek brothers reign. (Now there’s a pair of Doms who need a book or two.) Aspen/Athena has come up with an elaborate fantasy (which was really awesome to read, I really love role play!) and Pheonix and Mitch have decided to reenact it for her. But of course, trouble strikes. (doesn’t it always?) And Aspen needs to be protected. We also get to meet the couple in our next book. Ciara and Kip. Based on his actions, Kip has some growing up to do, and fast!

I give this book 4 Orgasms


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