Try Me (Brie’s Submission #4)


And we’re back to our favorite submissive’s adventures. This time, Brie and Sir are headed off to Russia to see big, bald, Russian Dom, Rytsar Durov. He was the dom who played out one of Brie’s fantasies and had her tied up in his room while his business associates were outside the door listening.

Brie learns a few things about herself on this vacation, one, that she’s definitely not a masochist.  I’ll let you find out the rest. She manages to get herself into a serious situation that later makes Sir decide that she needs to be left with another dominant while he’s away on extended business. Wait until you see who it is.

Sir also gets to meet Brie’s parents in this book. Not quite the Norman Rockwell moment. (For you much younger people eh-hem, it doesn’t go well.) This was another page turner, and I was quite tempted to just go on to the next book. But I shall do this on schedule, and sweat it out. I just love this series to death, so much so, I got myself a paperback version of Brie Masters Love In Submission. (That’s a few of the last books in one)

This Book gets 5 Briealicious Orgasms


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