Bonded (Warriors Of Light 1)


In the war between good and evil, a new breed of warrior has emerged. Strong and proud, they will band together to challenge an evil incarnate that threatens to tip the balance between the dark and the light.

Gaius Julius Alexander has learned a number of things over his many years. The bad guys are extremely impolite and their timing sucks. And the best laid plans will always go sideways at the least opportune time. For centuries he’s protected the innocent and fought for what’s right. Solid. Solitary. Dominant—and secretly afraid of turning into the monsters that he hunts. Until a routine assignment changed the game and gave him something worth living for.

Emily Duncan has spent her life trying to do the right thing. Between running her own shop and using her psychic ability to help the police track down cold-blooded killers, she didn’t think her life could get much crazier. Until a tall, dark stranger showed up and claimed that her life was in danger and insisted she go with him if she wanted to stay alive.


This is the very first book of the Warriors of Light series by April. The concept is absolutely brilliant! The Goddess Hera turns Mercury into an immortal guardian, and tasks him with finding an army. Unfortunately, he, like the other members, had to die first. Then, Hera explains that each warrior would have a woman that would be bonded with a female. The beginning of the book describes what happens in detail.

In this book, our very first heroine is Emily Donovan, who has a gift. She can touch objects and track down killers, along with a couple other talents. She’s often consulted on cases. And there is an evil serial killer on the loose, one who doesn’t discriminate by age or sex. Emily also has a very special pet, his name is Elmer, and I’ll leave it up to you who haven’t read this awesome book to find out about him.

Gaius Alexander a.k.a Caligula. Is a warrior of old. He’s also dominant to the core. He gets the call to pick her up, and heads for her home. Emily knows something is going to happen to her when she wakes up, so she dresses for it, and heads to the coffee shop. The chemistry between them is electric, until he pulls a Terminator on her.

Honestly, I loved the story behind this series, and the fact that you get a different historical figure in the here and now in every book just had me excited. April is an amazing storyteller, and she’ll always be on my auto-buy list. Can’t wait for the rest of this series!

 5 Orgytastic Orgasms


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