Trust An Even Hand by Chloe Cox


Charlene Bastien is a fighter. When her mother skipped town she worked to support herself, and when her father didn’t want anything to do with her, well, she dealt with that too. And when her ex-husband — her Dom — turned out to be an abusive cheater, she got the hell out.
But not without some scars.

And Luke Logan knows all about scars. He wears his own as a reminder of the kind of man he’ll never allow himself to be. But he’s a Dom first and foremost, and that means protecting vulnerable subs.Especially subs who have been hurt so badly that they hide from who they really are. Charlene is the only woman who’s ever touched his heart, and he’ll repay that favor by showing her just how strong she really is–even if he has to tie her down to do it.
Just so long as she doesn’t get any ideas. Luke Logan is not a Dom who settles down. And he’s not a Dom who lets subs get too close–for their own protection.
But when Charlene’s ex comes back to town, Luke knows his place is by her side, making sure that man never hurts her again. He’s never known a woman like her before, and as the chemistry between them builds, he knows he’d walk through fire to protect her.
And he’ll have to.

But as the heat between them builds into a roaring flame, can Luke protect her from the one thing he can’t control — his heart?

TRUST AN EVEN HAND is the tenth stand alone sugarkink romance in the Club Volare series. It’s perfect for people who love their happily ever afters and like a lot of sugar with their kink. 😉

It’s back to Club Volare, and I certainly can’t believe we are at book ten already. I actually remember when book one came out, (Sold To The Sheikh) I positively fell in love with the series then, and I was keeping my fingers crossed that we would see more of the characters of Club Volare.
I love the fact that the stories have been spread out in different locations. We now have Clubs in 3 different locales that our cast hail out of. In Trust an Even Hand, Charlene finally gets her story. If you remember, she helped Olivia and Gavin get their HEA.
Charlie has her issues with trust though, thanks to her ex. Enter Luke Logan, friend of Gavin, Dom, and someone Charlie has wanted for years. But she’s also no longer trusting of men, particularly Doms.
With wedding mishaps popping up everywhere, Luke has been sticking to Charlie like glue. But what happens when the fireworks start to explode?
This is one incredible book in the series, I had to stand up and cheer for how Luke handled Charlie’s ex, and I thought that they made a great couple. I am also eagerly awaiting Holt and Simone’s book, it’s going to be awesome!
I give this book 5 Domalicious Stars
(Yes, I’m using stars!)
Available at: Amazon/Amazon UK

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