Tantalizing Tuesday 2/7/17 Forever



The witching hour, a new day, and for Brenda, a new life.

Rhys and Colby had been patient, had been understanding. After all, this was the biggest decision she’d ever had to make.

They’d met at the Cavern, where she had been a wide eyed newbie. She had moaned as she watched them flogging a sub together and they’d caught the scent of her arousal in the air. They knew in that moment…She. Was. Theirs.

From that night on, there was no other for them. She became their kitten, their sub, their girl. So many nights under their expert hands, tongues, cocks, and teeth. Her body, blood and soul theirs for safekeeping.

But she couldn’t give them the one thing they wanted from her. So night after night she would submit, to their hands, to their tongues, to their cocks, and to their oh so sharp teeth. And one day, it all became so very clear to Brenda. She couldn’t live without them.

So tonight she would cast off her mortal coil and join her lovers, her doms, the other part of her soul, in eternal darkness

“Ours.” Rhys whispered.

“Forever.” Said Colby, biting down on her neck.

Tantalizing Tuesday is a 200 word Teaser told with a photo prompt. Check out these other talented authors…

Ray Sostre: http://theafterdarkworld.blogspot.com
J S Morbius: http://thecryptofmorbius.blogspot.co.uk/
Angelica Dawson: http://angelicadawson.com/
Doris O’Connor: http://www.dorisoconnor.com/my-blog

4 Comments Add yours

  1. anarchy0029 says:

    Truly a delicious tease that will need to be expanded into a beautiful short story. Great piece, Sandie


  2. angelicadawson says:

    Fab teaser, Sandie!


  3. dorisoconnor says:

    Fabulous tease, Sandie 🙂


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