Tantalizing Tuesday. “The Audition”


I approached the dais, trying to ignore my heart pounding out of my chest. Could he hear it? Of course he could, and my slight fear and trepidation probably made this all the more sweeter for him.

Remnants of the last girl who’d auditioned for Eric were still on his face, and she hadn’t returned. Was I a fool to continue in my pursuit of my Viking prince? Would I meet the same fate as the others who had been found lacking? All I knew was I still felt his eyes burn through me now as though he was laying claim, as they did the first time I saw him.

Every time I had come into the club with friends, I could feel the weight of his stare. He’d pass by me and there would be touches, so whisper soft, but lighting up my body with an electrical charge.

So here I was, finally approaching Eric, to see if it was all real. He holds out his hand, and I take it. Then, he pulls me into his lap and I bare my neck in anticipation, then…the sharp pain leads to bliss. He speaks one word.


“My Master”

Tantalizing Tuesday is a tease using a photo prompt and 200 words, no more, no less. I hope you enjoyed this weeks offering.

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