His Human Rebel by Renee Rose



Cambry doesn’t believe the aliens’ propaganda for one minute. The Zandians may have saved her from one death, but they planned to send her to another. She bides her time, waiting for her chance to get away and find her brother, enslaved by a different species. The only thing she didn’t count on was Lundric, the tempting Zandian warrior who, for some reason, decided she was his female.

Lundric knew the fierce little rebel Cambry belonged to him the moment he saw her toss that auburn hair in defiance. He knows she hasn’t accepted him or the Zandian’s cause, but he vows to win her, no matter what it takes. But when Cambry steals a ship and attempts to escape, even his harshest punishment may not restore the trust between them.



Renee Rose has come out with another mega-hot installment of the Zandian Warriors series, His Human Rebel. This is the fourth book of the series, and even though characters from the past 3 books appear here, it’s still a standalone and you can feel comfortable diving right in. Though, you’ll probably want to grab the first three books after you’re done. Curiosity and all.

Book four has us on a death pod with human refugees that have escaped being executed thanks to a Zandian warrior pulling the pod down when he finds out his mate is on it. Instead of death, the humans find themselves conscripted into the Zandian army. One of these refugees is Cambria, who has decided to become a pilot so she can search for her brother.

Cambria attracts the attention of the prince’s head of security, Lundric. Lundric finds himself enamoured with the little human and wants to make her his, but she’s a hard sell. She doesn’t trust easily. But after he makes life easier for her, she starts to see what kind of male he is, a dominant, sexy, protective but kind Zandian. But she has a mission, and will not falter.

Loved this book! I pretty much love anything Renee writes, and this book is just chock full of amazingly hot sex, a purply-peach space hunk with horns, and one obstinate female. You just gotta read this one!

5 Super Spanky Stars


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