Her Russian Returns by Red Phoenix



Rytsar Durov should be dead.

But in the BDSM world, loyalties run as deep as kinky passions.

Sir Thane Davis is determined to save his Russian brother, but must call on his friends at the Center to execute the plan.

Clinging to hope, Brie trusts the sexy sadist will keep his promise to her.
Rytsar is not a man to go down easily, but a sacrifice must be made if he is to survive…

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Brie is back! Along with Sir Thane Davis, Faelen (Wallace or Todd Wallace), and our beloved Russian, Rytsar. When last we saw Rytsar, he was being taken back to Russia to face his hated enemies, The Koslov brothers. I have to tell you, some mighty odd stuff goes down while Rytsar is in captivity with the brothers, and even odder still after Rytsar is rescued and gets his revenge. (All I’m going to say is that a cow tongue was involved and it was twisted.)

Unfortunately, one of our beloved rescuers has to make a huge sacrifice for them all to make it out alive, but Rytsar is determined to make it home to Brie and the baby. Of course, Lilly has to be dealt with, and I will add here that while I didn’t like what she had in store for Brie, I am also finding what’s going down with her to be a bit harsh, Maybe she’ll turn out to be a lovely person afterwards, but sometimes I don’t necessarily agree with how Rytsar deals with things.

I am looking forward to seeing if Wallace gets his own book with his new love interest, I’m also curious as to whether or not Rytsar will find a woman of his own, or continue to be an occasional partner with Brie and Sir Davis as he has been.

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