Worth Waiting For by Erika Reed


Jenna Moore wanted to give herself to the only two men she ever loved on her eighteenth birthday, except Nick and Tyler had other plans for that night. They never intended their feelings for each other to get in the way of their longtime friendship, so they all agreed that it was best for her to go off to college, postponing their plans until she returned. They never suspected the twist and turn of events that would challenge their relationship. But after four years, she has returned to the only home she has ever known for her father’s funeral. She is forced to come clean as to why she waited so long to see them.
Nick and Tyler finally have back the only woman they have ever loved. Now that Jenna has returned, they don’t intend on ever letting her go again. They are older and more mature and she is the one woman they allowed to slip through their fingers. Nick and Tyler will do anything in the power to prove to her that after all these years, Jenna was worth waiting for.
But will they still want Jenna after she tells them the secret she’s been keeping from them all these years?

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Erika Reed has a new standalone novel that is, as the title suggests, “Worth Waiting For!” Jenna, Nick and Tyler have grown up together and have gone from fast friends to being attracted to each other. The boys are older than Jenna, and she plans on giving them her virginity on her 18th birthday. But when she goes to see them, she finds them with another woman and takes off for college  in another state. She returns four years later and Nick and Tyler decide it’s time to let her know that she’s theirs!

This was another awesome read from Erika Reed, and I just loved how Nick and Tyler fought for Jenna.





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