Tantalizing Tuesday : A Fanfic Tribute:Shibari Mastered.



One of my favorite authors, Tymber Dalton, writes an amazing series about an incredibly sexy world, The Suncoast Society. This is a tribute to that world.


Tony, Shayla, and most of all Tilly and her matchmaking girls had pushed Mardi to show up tonight at Venture to meet the shibari master. Liam was an expert and most of all single.

Liam took one look at the curvy, beautiful Mardi whom Shayla had bragged so much about, and all he could think about was how beautiful his ropes would look on her.

They sat, they talked over sodas,  and realized how much they had in common. Suddenly Mardi was being tied in his jute, feeling that sweet subspace hit. The wide smile on Liam’s face and the lust shining in his emerald eyes,  told her there was a connection. One she felt deep in her soul.

“You look so beautiful in my ropes pet.” Liam pulled the rope that was between her nether lips tighter causing her already swollen clit to contract. He inserted a thick finger into her tight pussy and massaged her g-spot. Mardi begged for release.

“Oh Please Sir, Please!”

Liam thrust harder, faster. “Come my precious pet.” He whispered in her ear.

When they were done, cuddled up on a couch, Liam had one question. “My place or yours my pet?”

Thanks to Tymber Dalton for letting me borrow her world for a bit, so that I may tell my 200-word story for a friend.

Tantalizing Tuesday is a story told using a photo prompt and 200 words.

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  1. dorisoconnor says:

    Aw, I love it. Great tease, but Sandie that should have been 200 words on a Tuesday, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOLOLOL I figured that out after reading yours Doris. I guess my brain is a bit rusty! 😉 Thanks for reminding me. ❤


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