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Coming June 18th! Ruthless Love by Demi Damson


Charlotte Nichols thinks romance is just a worthless fairy tale.

Jordan Lovett might be the city’s most eligible CEO but to Charlotte, he’s a route to revenge. His father stole her father’s company, and she won’t stop until the Lovett family is ruined. Jordan is just a spoiled playboy, and she’s happy to use him as her way in, even if that means pretending to be his date for the weekend.

Jordan Lovett knows that romance is just a path to heartbreak.

He’s had his share of gold diggers but when the latest one leaves him for his own father, he gives up on the fairer sex completely. Now he needs a woman on his arm to face his father’s engagement, and he’s not feeling choosy. His friend says he knows an escort to stand in as his public-facing girlfriend for the weekend and Jordan’s happy with that as a solution. When Charlotte walks into his life, he has no idea he’s just given the job to the wrong person.

Jordan traced a circle around the tattoo on her wrist. “What’s the R stand for?”
A trail of excitement followed the path of his finger. “Ruthless,” she whispered.

Jordan didn’t know that Charlotte wasn’t who she claimed to be. Charlotte didn’t know Jordan thought she was an escort. And neither of them knew that there was any risk of falling in love.

No cheating, no cliff-hangers! Just a little bit of steam and a whole lot of happily ever after. (less)

FFF; Dirty Dancing



He doesn’t stop what he’s doing, just continues to bite down on her nipple, alternating between the two of them with sharp nips and licks.

Lhia moans, grabbing on to his tight, muscled shoulders. “Ohh Master,  um really, shouldn’t we be…?”

Logan gives her a swat to her backside. “Quiet kitten, I’m enjoying my treat, if you’re a good girl, I’ll let you come afterwards”

In the waning light of day as the sun began its decent, in her Master’s loving arms as they enjoyed their lake vacation. She remembered…

“But Master, what about those lifts we were practicing?”

Flash Fiction Friday is all about using a photo prompt and telling a teaser with 100 words, no more, no less.

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“>Spank You Very Much!

Flash Fiction Friday: The Bet.


“Exactly how many spankings do you think that you’ve earned now my pet, hmm?”

She looked up at him and sighed, with a catch to her breath as she looked into his obsidian eyes, it had been so worth it

She bowed her head back down, but his hand grabbed on to her hair and pulled her head back so that she was looking at him

“Eyes on me little one. Did you honestly think that you were going to beat me at my own game my love?”

She smiled. “No, but I always did do well at double Jeopardy”

I hope that you enjoyed my flash this week  FFF is a story done using an assigned photo prompt with 100 words, no more, no less

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Savannah’s Sentinel (Mountain Mastery Book 2) by Avery Gale




Why can’t anything ever be easy?

When Special Agent Savannah North undertakes an unsanctioned mission to rescue her niece from a human trafficker, she is forced to rely on the man she’d hoped to never see again. The only thing that stings more than his rejection two years ago is the lash of the flogger now. Can she protect her heart long enough to finish the job?

Landon Nixon has always regretted walking away from Savannah after their last assignment, but she’d been much too innocent—and dominant—for what he’d wanted from her. Now she needs a Dom to train her, and he realizes nothing was what it seemed. Will he be able to let her go again?

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Avery Gale…Just saying her name makes me smile, and knowing she has a book coming out makes me kind of giddy, But I was a bad, bad girl and didn’t write the release date of this one down so I ended up buying this one a few days after it came out. Hopefully, one or two of those Mountain Mastery doms are available to make me see the error of my ways! *wink*


This is the second book in the Mountain Mastery series, which is a spin-off of sorts of the Morgan Brothers Series. And, a smaller spin-off of the Prairie Winds series. (I love those West brothers, and Tobi, who all make an appearance here!) We have agent Landon Nixon who is not so happy that he’s going to be working with agent Savannah North. Her goddaughter has been kidnapped by a dangerous cartel who deals in sex slavery, and Savannah has volunteered to play a slave to get herself into a ‘party’ where she knows she’ll be. But Savannah just may surprise Landon, because he turned her down in the past for a few reasons, one because he didn’t think she was a submissive. But she has 2 weeks to show him otherwise.


This was a fantastic story and I finished it in one setting. Savannah was as feisty as Tobi West, and just as fun. Of course, the Wests get involved, and there’s even a trip to Prairie Winds. Just another incredible book by Avery!

5 Super Sentinel Stars!





Enforcers Embrace (Southern Supernatural Alphas 2) Sara Anderson



Logan Grant is a protector and enforcer for the Wolf Creek pack. He and his partner, Ash Cooper, keep the darkness away from the innocent humans and lycans living in the pack lands. Logan never imagined he’d fall for a human female, but when he met Emily Mullen, she stole his heart and made his wolf howl to claim her. Fear of losing her held Logan back, despite Ash urging him to mate her so they could all bond together. Instead, Logan pushed her away, thinking that would keep her safe. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Emily could feel Logan was pushing her away and keeping a part of himself secret from her. She’d tried to make it work, but finally she decided it was over between them. She had a secret of her own and decided to leave for a while to see the country and get over losing Logan.

Alone and far from home, Emily realizes someone is hunting her. She runs back to Logan and Ash, but is it too late? Logan and Ash have powerful enemies, and one in particular has vowed to take what they love away from them. They never imagined that would mean they would go after Emily.

If their enemies succeed, their lives will be destroyed forever.

KG Logo

First, let me apologize to Sara Anderson for not posting this review much sooner. I honestly thought I had already posted it. Bad Fibrofog, Bad!

Enforcer’s Embrace is the second in the Southern Supernatural Series, and I noticed something between this series and her Wild Mountain Shifters series…these wolves are a heck of a lot more dominant, more intense, just more! *whispers* And I kinda love it.

When we start our book off, Emily is scooting out of town. She’s pregnant, and Logan pretty much is avoiding her, plus she’s attracted to his roommate. As she makes herself scarce, Logan returns from being away and doing his enforcer job. Emily believes he’s a contractor who works with the police on occasion. He’s very unhappy his mate has left, his roommate, also his second, and Emily’s other mate, is pretty unhappy with how Logan has handled everything. He also comments that Logan should have knocked her up, then she would have been part of the pack. Logan was apparently trying to.

I had to stop there for just a minute because that part made me really angry. Shifter books do seem to have that mating right away imperative which, not crazy about but ok. However, I don’t agree with impregnating a woman without letting her in on it.

10 months later, Emily is back thanks to a text sent by someone saying her grandmother is ill. Just not true. Her brother makes her tell Logan about the baby, but when…nah, I think I’ll let you read it yourself. There’s lots going on in this book, with bad coyotes, even worse vampires, kidnapping, and lots of yummy dominant sex.

While I’ll admit the ‘get the little woman pregnant’ ploy was just plain old stupid on Logan’s part, (and Ash’s for suggesting it.) Not to mention what they had her do in the woods. (Nope, go read the book.) I really loved the book. Sara is just a great storyteller, and I just love her books even if the heroes are sometimes over the top.

5 Shifty Stars




Logan leaned in and brushed a tender kiss across her lips. “I owe you a huge apology for how I behaved last year.”

Emily opened her mouth to forgive him again as relief swamped her, but Logan placed a finger over her lips.

“No, pet, do not simply say it’s okay and forgive. I distanced myself from you because I was afraid. There are things going on that you don’t understand yet. Once you know about those parts of me, there is no going back.”

“I don’t understand. What do you mean ‘no going back’?”

Logan leaned in and kissed her neck. “I promise to tell you everything soon, but first Ash felt left out last night. What do you say we include him today?”

Did Logan read her thoughts or something? She’d just been thinking about him and now Logan wanted her to include him? Emily squirmed as liquid heat started to drip from her entrance. No, she was not getting hot for two men in a restaurant. No.

“Emily,” Logan said with a voice that was full of command. “I can see that you are aroused by the idea of Ash and me. Either say your safe word, or spread your legs and hook your feet around the legs of the chair.” Logan’s hand stroked up her leg until he reached her soaked channel. He gathered her cream and softly stroked her clit.

Emily gasped. “Logan!” He’d played with her pussy in that kink bar, Sinister, several times, but others were getting off as well. Here a bunch of men were eating and drinking. She looked around and thought she saw she was getting side glances a lot.

Ash leaned in and Emily’s heart did a double take at how he firmly grabbed her thigh. “I suggest you be a good girl and listen to your Master. It would be fun for me to fuck you right here, but you may be a bit embarrassed.”

Emily gulped. “Here?” Emily closed her eyes as Logan stroked his finger over her clit, and Ash moved his hands over her aching breasts. She didn’t doubt now that they would bend her over right here with the way they were touching her.

Ash nodded. “I’ve seen it done with a misbehaving subbie. This is pack-owned, and packs share. We don’t see sex the same way you do. We will fuck our mates wherever we please, and if others watch, so be it.”

“Pack-owned? What is that?” Emily asked as she spread her legs wider and made sure her skirt covered her properly.

“Yes, pack-owned. You will know everything soon, but for right now, I may have texted a few enforcers and told them there would be an encore to last night’s show.”

“Last night?” Emily breathed out as she felt a blush go from her chest to her hairline.

“Mm hm. Tell me, Emily. What do you think about having two men fuck you at once?” Ash asked.

“Two men?” Emily shook her head but fresh cream coated her entrance and her ass clenched at the thought of having both of them. Logan chuckled, pulled his hand free, and licked her cream from his fingers.

Emily watched and moaned at the jolt of arousal that shot through her. She’d refused to think about Ash since she was with Logan, but she’d wanted him as well. Now he was here, and he started stroking her leg and moving closer to her pussy.

Logan gripped her chin, pulled her face to him, and lowered his lips to hers. Ash’s fingers swept over her wet folds, and she jumped.

Logan lifted slightly. “What’s your safe word?”

“Red, Master.”

“Good. When you come, I suggested you stay perfectly still and not make any sound. My fellow enforcers have sensitive hearing, and we may end up with a buffet with you as the main treat.”


Emily gasped as Ash’s fingers plunged into her and he rubbed her clit. Logan reached over and pinched her nipple as he kissed her again. His lips tasted of coffee and cinnamon roll as his mouth took possession of hers.

Logan was gentle this morning instead of the vengeful interrogator he’d been last night. They both teased her until she was ready to scream, but she didn’t want all the others to know what was going on or for them to feast on her. She fisted one hand on Ash’s leg and one on Logan’s and whimpered into Logan’s mouth as her need grew.

Emily’s hips lifted to try and get more from Ash as he gently stroked and pushed into her. Her head fell back as Logan and Ash both pinched her nipple and clit at the same time, and she exploded. She shook as waves of cataclysmic bliss engulfed her, but she couldn’t cry out. She bit her lip as she breathed through the pleasure swamping her.

Emily blinked and looked over at Logan. Just past him, one of the men was stroking his own cock as he watched them. Embarrassment burned her face. How many others noticed?

Logan captured her chin and caught her gaze. “Now how about you return the favor to Ash?”

“Return it how?” Emily asked, although she already had a good idea. She looked around and felt her face starting to blush again.

Logan stroked her lips and gently shoved her toward the floor. “Ash would like to feel your lips around him.”

Emily glanced at Ash. His eyes were half-lidded as if she already had his cock in her mouth. “Here? Now?”

“Yes,” Logan said without a trace of humor. “Show these enforcers who your Masters are.”

Emily had a strange feeling as if she was proving to all these men in the room that she wanted Logan and Ash. “Is this because I left?”

Logan nodded. “In a way, yes. None of them can say you don’t want me and Ash.”

Emily slid from the chair to kneel before Ash. She may end up in jail after this, and hopefully Logan would bail her out, but she would follow his instructions. She slipped Ash’s sweatpants down and pulled his hard cock free. It was about as long as Logan’s but thicker. Did Logan say she was going to have them both at once? They’d split her in two! She licked the rim of the head of Ash’s cock and then smiled at his intake of breath as he fisted her hair.

This was much more fun than she thought it would be. She quickly learned how to make Ash shudder and thrust his hips forward. When he threw his head back and moaned, Emily took his cock fully into her mouth. She gripped his cock with her hand and stroked him as she sucked him down as far as she could without gagging.

“Fuck, Logan. Why did you wait so long to claim her?” Ash thrust his hips forward and Emily swallowed to keep from gagging. Ash groaned loud enough Emily was sure everyone heard. Her pussy once again began to drip nectar at the thought of everyone watching her.

“I’m coming,” Ash whispered between clenched teeth.

Logan’s hand joined Ash’s. “Swallow him down, Emily. Let his scent fill you and accept him as your Master as well.”


Alien Mate by Cara Bristol



I’m Starr Elizabeth Conner. Earth’s government falsely convicted me of a crime, packed me on a ship with other female felons, and sent us to Dakon, a primitive, frozen wasteland of a planet. Why? Earth needs minerals, and Dakon is desperate for females.

But I’m no barbarian’s ‘mail order bride,’ even if he is super tall, muscular, and the chief of his tribe. He doesn’t want a BBW blonde, either–it’s written all over his chiseled face. He’ll be truly angry if he ever learns what my ‘crime’ was.

I am Torg. I have waited 34 rotations for a mate of my own. With this shipment, I was sure to get a fine, sturdy mate who’ll bear me many daughters. Instead, I receive a small, curvy, pale-haired female who looks at me with anger and fear.

It is only when we ‘kiss’ that I believe things may work out between us. But I’m hearing rumors that Starr and her shipmates are law-breakers. To survive, Dakonians must obey all laws … or be exiled into the frozen wasteland. Just when I have found her, will I have to send my mate to die?

KG Logo

Cara Bristol has come out with another awesome read! Alien Mate is a Sci-Fi romance with a hot alien alpha and a smart, take-no-prisoners *snorts* heroine. This is kind of like a mail -order plot line but oh-so much better!

Starr is falsely accused of murder and she ends up being put on a ship and being sent off to Dakon and a Dakonian named Torg, who dislikes her at first, but that changes fairly soon. There’s lots of little twists here and this book is a step-up from the usual sci-fi romance.

I’m hoping that this is the start of a new series from Cara because it was thoroughly enjoyable and I would love to see more. Cara absolutely rocks!

5 Spaced Out Stars





Safe Harbor (Suncoast Book 1) by Tymber Dalton




Clarisse seeks refuge from her abusive ex-boyfriend on the Dilly Dally, her uncle’s old fishing trawler in Tarpon Springs, Florida. She doesn’t expect to find Mac and Sully, the Dilly’s sexy new owners, on board making love.

They’re at first startled by her appearance, then outraged by the injuries her ex inflicted. They insist she stay with them, and with nowhere else to go, Clarisse agrees.

Both men find themselves falling for Clarisse, but she can’t bring herself to completely trust Sully, a former cop, like her ex. She’s shocked to discover the men aren’t just lovers either, but full-time Master and slave in a BDSM relationship. As she learns more about their history and lifestyle, she uncovers her own hidden desires. When danger from her past returns, can Sully and Mac provide Clarisse a Safe Harbor?

KG Logo

Safe Harbor is the very first book in the Suncoast Society Series by Tymber Dalton. If you are a follower of this incredible series, you might want to know that this book is pre-Venture crowd. But the characters do appear in later books. I will say, this is one of my favorites in the series, though I love all of them and have favorites in the double digits!

We start off with Clarisse, who is on the run from an abusive boyfriend. He also happens to be a cop, which makes things more difficult for her when it comes to pressing charges. After hours and hours of bus rides, she ends up in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and hides out on her uncle’s boat. Or so she thinks, turns out, the boat is now owned by Sullivan ’Sully’ Niccoletto and Brant ‘Mac’ MacCaffery, a couple who she sees having some adult fun on the deck.

When trouble arises and they discover her on the boat, they decide to care for her. She ends up moving in with them. She learns a few things: they are in a Master/slave relationship, they aren’t gay, and she may just have a shot at true happiness. That’s if her ex doesn’t destroy it all first.

There’s so much going on in this book that I could tell you all sorts of stuff, but really, it’s so worth the read. Again and again. It’s how I found Tymber and got hooked! You will too!

5 Kinkalicious Stars!