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Flash Fiction Friday: Want



Joanne still didn’t know who had won her in the slave auction. She had been blindfolded, her top half bared, and she was in chains.

The Doms were given paddles to raise up so that the slaves couldn’t hear who bid and won them. Her new Dom for the weekend paid a steep price for her. He also had her brought to a private room.

She knew who she’d wanted, but she’d long since given up hope that Master Paul would want her, never mind buy her.

The blindfold came off.. her Dom revealed. Master Paul!

“Hello Kitten”






*For Mama J

Flash Fiction Friday is a story told using a given photo prompt and 100 words. No more, no less.

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FFF; Dirty Dancing



He doesn’t stop what he’s doing, just continues to bite down on her nipple, alternating between the two of them with sharp nips and licks.

Lhia moans, grabbing on to his tight, muscled shoulders. “Ohh Master,  um really, shouldn’t we be…?”

Logan gives her a swat to her backside. “Quiet kitten, I’m enjoying my treat, if you’re a good girl, I’ll let you come afterwards”

In the waning light of day as the sun began its decent, in her Master’s loving arms as they enjoyed their lake vacation. She remembered…

“But Master, what about those lifts we were practicing?”

Flash Fiction Friday is all about using a photo prompt and telling a teaser with 100 words, no more, no less.

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Flash Fiction Friday: The Bet.


“Exactly how many spankings do you think that you’ve earned now my pet, hmm?”

She looked up at him and sighed, with a catch to her breath as she looked into his obsidian eyes, it had been so worth it

She bowed her head back down, but his hand grabbed on to her hair and pulled her head back so that she was looking at him

“Eyes on me little one. Did you honestly think that you were going to beat me at my own game my love?”

She smiled. “No, but I always did do well at double Jeopardy”

I hope that you enjoyed my flash this week  FFF is a story done using an assigned photo prompt with 100 words, no more, no less

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Don’t move a muscle my girl. As I run my nails down your back and squeeze your ass. Don’t you dare move my little girl. I’ll bite these luscious nipples and pull as hard as I can, but you need to stay so very still for me.

Good girls get rewarded, but bad girls get punished. I’ll spank these pretty ass cheeks until they glow nice and red. There will be no reward if you are a bad girl. So stay nice and still won’t you? And let your Daddy have his fun while you just


Flash Fiction Friday is a flash done with a photo prompt and 100 words.

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FFF: My Pet: a Knotty Girl Flash.

apr 14

“I’m going to kill BJ.” she huffed. Sarah had been working at Maid For You for 3 years, and this was by far the worst assignment yet. Seriously, whoever this guy was, kinky didn’t begin to describe this…this job.

“Must wear enclosed ‘uniform’, garter, stockings, heels, and scrub floors by hand.” Granted, it paid a ton of money, and the fee to get into Sanctum, the private BDSM club would be that much closer. And closer to Master Eric, the tattooed, and pierced Viking god she lusted after. “If only” she sighed.

“My Pet.”

Sarah turned, looked up.

Master Eric.

Flash Fiction Fridays are teasers told with a photo prompt and a 100 words, no more, no less. I hope you enjoyed this weeks flash!

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apr 14
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FFF: Yes Sir.

Apr 7 17

Yes Sir.

Climb on up in my lap kitten and straddle my knees.

Yes Sir.

Undo my pants and take my cock out kitten.

Yes Sir.

Position your hot, wet, pussy on my cock kitten and make sure you go all the way down, your skin touching my skin, just how I like you.

Yes Sir.

Kiss me with the understanding that I am yours, but that you my precious girl are all mine, always.

Yes Sir.

Wear my collar kitten. Know that I will guide you, protect you, own you, and love you my sweet girl.

Yes Master.

Flash Fiction Friday is told with photos and 100 words, no more, no less. I hope you enjoyed my take on this week’s photo.

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FFF March 17, 2017: Art Class

Mar 17

Smudging out the charcoal to create the shadows of the model’s lower back, I look up at the instructor again. He’s been watching me closely for this class. Come to think of it, he paid close attention yesterday as well. I can feel his eyes as I look up at the model to soak in the details of his glutes, his muscular arms, the tattoos adorning his body. As I put my head down to start scetching the details of what I’ve been staring at, I hear Andre’s footsteps come up behind me. He whispers. “Such a spanking you’ve earned for ogling my twin.”

Flash Fiction Friday is a 100 word teaser done using a photograph provided to participating authors. To see what my fellew authors have done with this same photo, click the links below.

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Flash Fiction Friday: His



He chose me out of all of the others.

It was so hard not to look him in the eyes to let him know just how much that I wanted him to pick me.

At first, a night of play, of pain and pleasure. Then one night turned into two, and into more.

Soon, I knew this man better than I knew myself and I began to call him something new. Master.

Now, I will be wearing his collar, and then everyone will see outside what we both know to be true on the inside.

That I am.


Flash Fiction Friday is done using a photo prompt and using 100 words, no more, no less, to tell the tale. I hope you enjoyed this weeks flash.

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#FFF Teacher’s Pet


Teachers Pet

David adjusted himself before walking into the “classroom.” He had a naughty student to deal with.

“So Miss Ames, I don’t see that textbook open, do you think the information is just going to jump into your head?”

His naughty girl shook her head. “No Professor David, I just figured you could explain it all to me.” She said with a saucy grin .

David pulled his belt out of the loops of his pants, slowly, with a definite lift of his brow.

“Not my directions at all Miss Ames, I’m afraid my naughty student is due a punishment.”

Flash Fiction Friday is a where we are assigned a photo prompt and are given 100 words to tell a story. I hope you visit these authors to see their offerings!

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