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Tantalizing Tuesday: Saved by Her Wolf


Marie lay panting on the forest floor. She wasn’t sure if the shock from her injuries was making her delusional, but she swore that the naked man in front of her had been a large wolf not a moment ago.

She had finally escaped from her abusive husband after the worst beating of her life, and she was sure that her ribs were broken. But she only escaped because of the wolf, or man in front of her had broken down the door and attacked Ronnie, leaving her the chance to escape.

He was a magnificent specimen of man. Long black hair, grey eyes, and muscles everywhere. She even managed to blush when she saw how well-built he was even “there”.

He was handed a fur blanket by his beta. Ramon was the alpha of the pack. He had watched as the spineless worm beat on his mate, then decided he would rescue her from that hell. She was his, and the only time a male should strike a woman was when he was spanking during sexual play.

He covered his Marie with the blanket and gently picked her up. His beta was a healer. She placed her head on his chest.


This weeks flash utilizes a photo and tells a story in 200 words. I hope you enjoy!

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Tantalizing Tuesday. “The Audition”


I approached the dais, trying to ignore my heart pounding out of my chest. Could he hear it? Of course he could, and my slight fear and trepidation probably made this all the more sweeter for him.

Remnants of the last girl who’d auditioned for Eric were still on his face, and she hadn’t returned. Was I a fool to continue in my pursuit of my Viking prince? Would I meet the same fate as the others who had been found lacking? All I knew was I still felt his eyes burn through me now as though he was laying claim, as they did the first time I saw him.

Every time I had come into the club with friends, I could feel the weight of his stare. He’d pass by me and there would be touches, so whisper soft, but lighting up my body with an electrical charge.

So here I was, finally approaching Eric, to see if it was all real. He holds out his hand, and I take it. Then, he pulls me into his lap and I bare my neck in anticipation, then…the sharp pain leads to bliss. He speaks one word.


“My Master”

Tantalizing Tuesday is a tease using a photo prompt and 200 words, no more, no less. I hope you enjoyed this weeks offering.

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Tantalizing Tuesday 2/7/17 Forever



The witching hour, a new day, and for Brenda, a new life.

Rhys and Colby had been patient, had been understanding. After all, this was the biggest decision she’d ever had to make.

They’d met at the Cavern, where she had been a wide eyed newbie. She had moaned as she watched them flogging a sub together and they’d caught the scent of her arousal in the air. They knew in that moment…She. Was. Theirs.

From that night on, there was no other for them. She became their kitten, their sub, their girl. So many nights under their expert hands, tongues, cocks, and teeth. Her body, blood and soul theirs for safekeeping.

But she couldn’t give them the one thing they wanted from her. So night after night she would submit, to their hands, to their tongues, to their cocks, and to their oh so sharp teeth. And one day, it all became so very clear to Brenda. She couldn’t live without them.

So tonight she would cast off her mortal coil and join her lovers, her doms, the other part of her soul, in eternal darkness

“Ours.” Rhys whispered.

“Forever.” Said Colby, biting down on her neck.

Tantalizing Tuesday is a 200 word Teaser told with a photo prompt. Check out these other talented authors…

Ray Sostre:
J S Morbius:
Angelica Dawson:
Doris O’Connor:

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Tantalizing Tuesday: Caught


Finally, water.

Marie knew she couldn’t stop for very long, the wolves howling getting ever closer. She’d been running for what seemed hours, and her ankle was not only swelling at an alarming rate, but bleeding at that.

She had just enough time for a quick drink and to wash the blood off. They could probably smell her a mile away, she needed to get going again before they found her. Because if they did…if they did there was no telling what would happen to her.

After scooping up the cool, clear water in her hand and taking a few swallows, she began trying to wipe the blood away. If only…no, it was one night a month ago. Her first time at Spectrum. The auction was a friends idea, but Devyn and Rory were the Doms of her dreams.

She sniffled as a twig snapped, she froze in place as two black wolves appeared on the shore. Before she could scream, they morphed into…men?

Two, huge, muscle bound, tatted, naked men. Her men. Devyn and Rory. Devyn came forward and scooped her curvy frame.

“Tsk, tsk pet. Look at what’s happened because you ran from your mates.”

Tantalizing Tuesday is a story told in 200 words using a photo prompt.

I want to thank the amazing Doris O’Connor for my use of the Spectrum Auction idea from her Spectrum Auction series.

Check out these other authors in this weeks tease.

Ray Sostre:…
J S Morbius:
Angelica Dawson:
Doris OConnor:
Raven McAllan:

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Tantalizing Tuesday:Opening 1/24/17



Jenna’s friend Brian’s invitation had just read “Guest Artist” and he’d begged her to come to the show. It was his gallery, and they were best friends after all.

As she slowly walked through the gallery, studying various drawings of women bound, women tied to equipment she’d recognized from her books, she felt as though she were being watched. But Brian was speaking with his partner Ben.

He finally took Jenna over to the side and explained that most of the artwork was done by Master Ryder, the owner of the ultra private, two-year wait listed, BDSM club Sanctuary. The place was also ultra expensive, which put it right out of her baristas ball park.

She’d always wanted to know what it felt like to be under a Dominant’s care, to let it all go, to serve. But that was something that only happened in her books. Maybe she would finally accept that date with the hottie from the coffee shop. He was persistent

As she stared at the painting of the woman in ropes, Brian came up behind her. “I’d like to introduce you to the artist. Master Ryder, my friend Jenna.”

Jenna met face to face with her hottie from the coffee shop. “We’ve met, haven’t we kitten?”

Tantalizing Tuesday is a story told in 200 words using a photo  Check out the rest of this weeks stories…click on the link below